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Patient Education Script Between RN and Mrs Carolin †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Patient Education Script Between RN and Mrs Carolin. Answer: Introduction Well, communication with a patient means a lot in relation to patient's recovery. The way doctors and support staff communicate with a patient can result in the quick recovery or a prolonged recovery (Colwell, Kupsick and McNichol, 2016). The content of this paper presents an ideal script between RN and the patient on post-discharge Mrs. Caroline. She has been prescribed some medication for pain (Targin). It is therefore crucial for Mrs. Caroline to know about the medication. Script Justification Good morning Mrs. Caroline, I am a registered nurse in charge of your discharge. I can see you are happy and ready to go home. I have been sent to talk to you about your medication before you go home today. According to medical scholars, introduction, and creation of rapport with a patient in a way that makes them feel comfortable talking is basic towards development of a therapeutic relationship (Colwell, Kupsick and McNichol, 2016. Thus the use of polite introduction phrase such as good morning is the first steps in moving up the therapeutic relationship ladder. Am happy to go home nurse. Mrs. Caroline, I have been sent by the pharmacist, and I would like to talk to you about the medicine, and I have your medicine here with me. This is the first part initiating communication about the medicine and setting the communication agenda. Ok, you can put them in the bag together with the other items. Mrs. Caroline, I feel that you have missed home and would like to go as soon as possible. However, the medicine is new for your, and it would be important for you to understand its purpose and how you will take them. May I sit down please I will only take a few of your minutes. Greeting and talking to the patient with empathy for the wait is an important part of the communication as it makes patients feel that you are there for her (Goldberg et al. 2018). Talking to Mrs. Caroline with empathy for taking her time is, therefore, a crucial part of her medical education. Sure you can sit down, I think I should know something about the medicines so that I can quickly recover and go back to my work, I dont want to end in the hospital again. According to adult learning principles, it is advisable to keep adults motivated and being lively during education. Thank you, Mrs. Caroline, I am going to tell you all that you need to know because I would love to see you fully recovered. Please, Mrs. Caroline, feel free to ask any question as we go through your medication. Adult learning principles outline for adults to receive relevant orientation regarding the medicine and make them aware of the medication (Lorig, 2011). It is therefore important for Mrs. Caroline to be fully aware of the given medication and have knowledge regarding her medication. Eye contact and confidence is required when providing information to the patient .as a nurse I would sit down and make eye contact with Mrs. Caroline. I will also observe body language which shows comfort and confidence as well as moving forward to Mrs. Caroline (Rajala, Kaakinen, Fordell and Kriinen, 2017.). Adult learning also requires a supportive environment for the patient thus a supportive environment is crucial for Mrs. Caroline. This can be done by providing Mrs. Caroline with time to ask questions as well as encourage her to do so. Mrs. Carline, I hope you can see the package of the medicine, please take a keen observation. This medicine is Targin; it is equivalent to oxycodone hydrochloride and so powerful for your pain management. As indicated on the sachet, you will be taking this medicine only twice a day meaning one dose of 10mg of oxycodone hydrochloride after an interval of 12hours a day. According to your Pt. report you were informed about pain management by the doctor who was taking your care. Mrs. Caroline, do you remember what the doctor talked to you about yesterday? It is important to ensure that the patient has a clear observation of the medicine package as well as the instruction regarding the prescribed medicine. Moving closer to the patient is crucial as it helps Mrs. Caroline to observe the package. Yes, the doctor told me various actions to take while in pain at home as well as what should not do like nor lifting heavy objects. According to adult learning principles, adult patients like Mrs. Caroline should be allowed with an opportunity to build on the knowledge they already have thus asking Mrs. Caroline question is crucial and gives an opportunity for her to build on already existing knowledge (Marrocco, Kazer, and Neal-Boylan, 2014). That is nice Mrs. Caroline if you remember that the doctor had said. When taking your medication as instructed, you will have to take it with a lot of water. You need to take the tabled with at least 125 ml clean water. This is because the oxycodone may course side effect related to constipation as a result of narcotic analgesics. Mrs. Caroline must be provided with clear information about the side effects of Targin. To understand the side effects, I included various learning preferences (Redman,2007). A clear understanding of the side effects is crucial so that Mrs. Caroline can be able to report complications. In case of constipation, how should I manage the effect? Thank you, Mrs. Caroline, that is a very nice question. To manage constipation will drink a little porridge and more of clear fluids. You also need to take food with fiber such as brown bread and fruits like apple. Do you have any other question, Mrs. Caroline? Nice comments when the question is asked by the patient is crucial and encourage them to ask for more clarification. No am okay now a nurse. Well Mrs. Caroline if you there are no more questions. I would now make sure that you know how you will take your pain medicine, would you please tell what you are going to do? This is almost the last point, and I will employ teach-back techniques to make sure that Mrs. Caroline is aware of what I have explained to her regarding the medicine. I will take medicine twice a day at an interval of 12hours with a lot of water to avoid constipation. Thank you Mrs. Caroline, if you have any question do not hesitate to call the doctor or the pharmacist. I have printed a document regarding the medication which you will take home. You also are expecting a stoma nurse to assist you with your recovery Using a printed document is one of the best ways to reinforce patient learning, and this justifies printing of the document. Conclusion Ideal communication helps with patient education and recovery thus should be properly observed by doctors and support staff. References Colwell, J.C., Kupsick, P.T. and McNichol, L.L., 2016, Outcome criteria for discharging the patient with a new ostomy from home health care: A WOCN society consensus conference,Journal of Wound Ostomy Continence Nursing,43(3), pp.269-273. 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